Eb Tuba Junior ‘Elf’ (student) – TE333


  • TE333
  • Eb Tuba Junior ‘Elf’ (student) – TE333
  • Eb Tuba Junior ‘Elf’ (student) – TE333
  • Eb Tuba Junior ‘Elf’ (student) – TE333
  • Eb Tuba Junior ‘Elf’ (student) – TE333

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Probably the best student Eb tuba available at any price! The 'Elf' blows exceedingly well with tone and intonation to please even a professional. Students will be able to play to the best of their ability with the 'Elf'. To cater for the smaller/younger player, the mouthpipe has been positioned lower and it is supplied with Wessex unique JT small tuba mouthpiece to fit smaller faces. Discounts available for school or band quantity orders.


  • 3 piston valve, non-compensating
  • Key: Eb
  • Bell: 15″ (38cm)
  • Bore: 0.629 (16mm)
  • Weight: 13lb (5.9kg)
  • Height: 31″ (79cm)
  • Mouthpiece height from bottom bow: 20″ (51cm)

Special features

  1. Wessex unique JT tuba mouthpiece, ideal for children
  2. Robust ABS latched case with wheels
Note: The gig bag for this tuba is B360. The silver-plated 'Elf' is only available to special order.

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