Bb Ophicleide – OB10


  • Bb Ophicleide – OB10
  • Bb Ophicleide – OB10
  • Bb Ophicleide – OB10
  • Bb Ophicleide – OB10
  • Bb Ophicleide – OB10
  • Bb Ophicleide – OB10

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Wessex Tubas are delighted to make available a modern ophicleide at a reasonable price allowing tuba and trombone players to use the correct instrument in a lot of 19th century music. Once you have heard the distinctive tone of an ophicleide, you will soon realise that substituting with a modern tuba, completely changes the sound from what composers such as Berlioz, Mendelssohn, and more, had intended. The Wessex Bb ophicleide is a modern reproduction of a French Gautrot 11 key instrument dating from (we believe) the 1860s, updated with some modern features, but faithfully following the original. The ophicleide has a glorious tone (when played by someone proficient) and excellent intonation. It is supplied with a fingering chart and tutor book (with some original music to play) compiled by ophicleide expert, Tony George. The ophicleide is made to accommodate large variations of pitch, so can be used with groups that play in high, or low pitch.


  • Key: Bb (same pitch as euphonium)
  • 11 key
  • Weight 8.5lb (3.9kg)
  • Height: 44" (113cm)
  • Pitch: Variable from A=425 to 450 (key spacing for A=440)

Special features

  1. Receiver for baritone shank mouthpiece included (with tuba receiver neck available for £75)
  2. Hard flight case
  3. Tutor book by Tony George

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